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forming my doppo ita bag!! will update more about it soon
started 18/10/23
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i decided to make a shrine for my favourite favourite character ever, DOPPO KANNONZAKA!!

i started playing hypmic around april 2022, yet immediately liked doppo as well as most of mtr!!! tho slowly i am now more and more insane. now he's prob my fav character of all time UGH I LUV HIM SM!!! urm hifudo (i'm hifumi)

about doppo♪

Doppo Kannonzaka, a.k.a. DOPPO, is a salaryman and the third member of Matenrō.A sales representative at the E.L. Medical Co., Ltd, a manufacturer of medical equipment, whose most notable characteristic is that he has no notable characteristics.

He’s a pessimist and thinks about everything in a negative light, so friends are not exactly something he has in spades.
In fact, Hifumi Izanami is his only friend, and they’ve been close ever since elementary school. Despite the number of awful situations he’s found himself in because of Hifumi, he’s still glad to have him around.

Doppo has messy red hair that has teal undersides and blue eyes.
Doppo wears a dark gray office suit with a white pinstripe shirt and black shoes. He also wears a green trellis patterned tie and red lanyard.
Doppo’s Hypnosis Mic is a flip phone. Doppo’s speakers take the form of a turntable in a briefcase and multiple monitors with pills and papers flying about.

Doppo has a meek and shy personality. He's quite anxious and apologetic, and tries not to stand out too much.
He's a salaryman for E.L Medical, a harsh work environment where his boss mistreats him and berates him constantly.
The pressure from his job has made Doppo's mental health plummet, and he sought out Doctor Jakurai's help to cope with it.
Doppo describes himself as just an ordinary person, so unremarkable that it's no wonder people don't ever remember who he is. He frequently laments the fact that no one seems to have any respect for him, even people who are younger than him, and seems to get lost in his own little world of blaming and berating himself for every negative thing that happens around him.
Doppo has a bad habit of over-apologizing for all his actions that could annoy someone else, and sees everything pessimistically.

Doppo's favorite hobby is catching up on sleep, but he also really enjoys taking care of his houseplants and fishing with Matenrō's other members.
Due to his introverted and cynical personality, Doppo doesn't really have many friends other than his childhood best friend, Hifumi, who he also lives with. Even if Hifumi sometimes annoys him, he's grateful for his friendship.
Doppo has another side to his personality, though. When he gets too overwhelmed or angry, he unleashes all his pent up emotions and completely changes his demeanor, becoming irate and taking his anger out on his opponents or whoever is wronging him. It also ties into his rap ability, but he can lose his cool in other moments.
Regardless of his personas, Doppo is an extremely hard worker who cares about his friends and doing what is right.

Doppo's quote was originally from Friedrich Nietzsche's book The Dawn of Day.
Doppo is right-handed. According to the guidebook.
Doppo likes sleep and houseplants, while he dislikes his boss, exercise, standing out, and drawing attention to himself.
Doppo's favorite food is omurice, while his least favorite food is cilantro.
Doppo has a younger brother, but he hasn't been shown in hypmic yet.
Doppo's name can be contrasted against Gentaro Yumeno's because of Doppo Kunikida, a naturalist writer.
In the anime, Doppo's mic dials the number "36776", which on a standard telephone keypad corresponds to "DOPPO".
Seen multiple times throughout Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle- side F.P & M, Doppo hugs a pillow in his sleep.
It is also said by Hifumi (seen in HOT GAME, and Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle- side F.P & M) that Doppo cannot wake up on time without Hifumi, making him late (seen in Rhyme Anima) for his job.
Hifumi and Doppo have their own apartment together.
Doppo mentions in Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle- side F.P & M that he was once forced to crossdress for a New Year's party at work.
In Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle- side F.P & M Chapter 13, Hifumi refers to his partnership with Doppo as “being bound too tightly together”, using a term that means he views their friendship as a codependent relationship.
Side FM & M Chapter 15 includes Hifumi asking Jakurai if he has plans, then upon his confirmation, Hifumi eagerly drags Doppo to a room saying they’ll be there “for a bit” and disappearing for almost an hour.
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