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hai!!! some basic info ab me is that my name is marz or jay (i have no pref), i use any pronouns and i'm also a minor (tho 13+)! i'm very bad at html/coding in general and trying to learn so apologies!!!

LIKES: drawing, writing, 2000s/early 2010s media, pis!!

DISLIKES: cavetown fans, general bigots, indie tiktok bands, people who hate on me or my friends!!!

i will be adding many more things later, but for now have my spacehey and instagram (dm the password 'girlfailure' to be let in!!!)


animanga: chainsaw man, ouran high school host club, nana, my love mix up, devilman (og + crybaby), paradise kiss, death note, trigun (1998), wonder egg priority

games: hypnosis mic, reverse 1999, obey me, bandori, chainsaw dance, d4dj, enstars, mario kart, monster prom, muse dash, needy streamer overdose, omori, project diva, project sekai, the sims

movies: scott pilgram vs the world, little miss sunshine, the batman (2022), saw (2004),studio ghibli films, baby driver, cornetto trilogy, juno, the breakfast club, baseketball, bottoms, rocky horror picture show, perks of being a wallflower, the matrix, fnaf movie, mean girls, paprika!!

music: waterparks, dadaroma, hypnosis mic, 6arleyhuman, abuse-kun, atarashii gakko!, ayesha erotica, childish gambino, d3r, dazey and the scouts, deco*27, djo, fall out boy, (G)-IDLE, glass animals, graveyardguy, gulu gulu, hanabie, julie, kero kero bonito, lady gaga, lamp, lana del ray, linkin park, machine girl, mafumafu, malice mizer, maretu, mars argo, maximun the hormone, merm4id, milgram, mons vi, my chemical romance, perfume, pierce the veil, panic! at the disco, rerulili, SHINee, shinsei kamattechan, soramafuurasaka, syudou, t.A.T.u, tommy february6, trickle, tv girl, tyler the creator, wonderful☆opportunity, zombie!

shows: adventure time, bee and puppycat, community, harley quinn, i am now okay with this, it's always sunny in philadelphia, inside job, it crowd, total drama, what we do in the shadows

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